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Bluebell Game Reviews - Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

If you are fan of a Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Game, then you are at the right place to read and understand about this game. We will give you all the detailed information about this game as much as we can. Following here is a review of dokkan battle game.

Talking about the character roster of the game, the first thing that I really loved in Dokkan battle was that the game plays on and capitalizes on the substantial number of characters in the DBZ franchise. With the game entailing a rarity system and the normal being the customary or most common and the highest going with SSR, there’s a large enough space or pool that provides you with immense characters and characterization. You can choose your heroes and characters from the middle. However, DBZ dokkan does tend to imbibe the mindset or follow the manga trend that says that majority of the stronger units remain saiyans, barring the celestial characters like gods. You use the dragon ball z dokkan battle hack to come out strong.

The conspicuous elements

A noteworthy element about characters is that although the game entails a robust collection of characters, I could redo a same character with another card version of my player. For instance, the Super Saiyan Goku entails more than a single variety, which can switch from the Agility form to the strength type. I found that other heroes also entail the kind of design alongside the rarity’s variety. I could also increase the level of rarity along with the statistics of the lower ranking characters. I fused them with similar leveled or named heroes as they reached maximum level. It provided ample reason for me to acquire the same form of cards. I used the these cheats to surge ahead.

Enter the battles

Battles in the Dokkan game are an interesting fusion of strategy plus along with match 3 game-play. Each character in the groove entails support abilities enabling you to join with their teammates that provide superb skills and additional abilities that helped me in the battle. There are leader cards also on the offing, providing my team with boosts that increase the battle-centric attributes of a unit. As regards full-length teams, the game randomly shuffles these characters into the units. They make things more interesting, compelling me to adjust and reshuffle or rethink my strategies and moves on the fly. Sometimes DBZ gave me the short end of the channel or stick when it pertains to the match-ups that I got. I knew how to hack dragon ball legends and it helped me go through levels sans any blocks. Must read : About homescapes mod apk hack tool and its reality

On features

Another prominent aspect in the game is the Dokkan modality for characters. I found that the Dokkan meter is the central game system that I could fill as I progressed through the stages. That gave me a bit more power and oomph to my base and attacks along with an extravagant volley of attach moves. They come from the usual cluster of moves outside the move list of match 3.


Overall, it’s real promising and you can easily jump into it. The entire match 3 game formats is surprisingly challenging and interesting as you’ll have moments wherein you’re actually compelled to make do with the squad the game gives you. Here, you might not get the ki circles that are from your affinity. Hence, for more fun, you can also try out some new games like guns of boom. It is also the similar battle game with some interesting twist. For more information and tips and tricks, you can follow the guns of boom gold hack which will not only give you the gold but also will guide you towards the in game tactics.